How to Earn Money with Micro Niche Website

No Banklinks? 😩 Want ranking and Traffic? 😃

Read This 👇 ::

Step 1:
Choose a micro niche (according to your choice / passion). (Skip if already).

Step 2:
Target long tail keywords. Keywords (search queries) with low competition. Honestly say, those keywords that has low search volume but related to your niche.

Step 3:
Write at least 500 words include some images (1 minimum with high resolution and alt text) add some internal / external links. If you are using WordPress then simply follow the Yoast guide. Blogspot users comment below to get additional information.
Repeat step 3 again and again until you posted at least 400 posts.

Ok, now its time to calculate your traffic and backlinks.

You have 400 posts with low competition, (ranked on first page). Your each post getting 3 users daily (if your target keywords volume as low as 90 searches per month). Then you will certainly have daily 1200 unique users that will generate at leat 3K page views per day.
Yes, you will have 90K page views monthly. But, these are not enough. Now, its time to jump to the sky… 😃
After six month of blogging journey, yo will get natural backlinks.


Your domain authority increased, you have a number of pages indexed in Google, you are generating 120K page views monthly, you have a good backlinks profile.

Step 4:
Now, target high volume keywords, write at leat 1500 to 2000 words. Include rich media in your posts (images, videos, links to files pdf, zip etc). Continue to writing.

You have 2K posts. (Possible if you hire professionals).
Your domsin authority is 80+

You are generating 1M page views monthly. You became a resource for other websites and bloggers. Now, no one can beat you

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